Love DREAM DANCE friends, we are very pleased that you are interested in the new DREAM DANCE community. We want you quickly to help with the initial registration here. On the home is on the right, a large banner. Just here to  JOIN NOW  button and off you go.


It opens a window in which you do the following: „Your Nickname“ : a name of your choice, including a pseudonym  „email“ : here a confirmation email will be sent from us. This email contains a link. On this you have to click again to confirm. This prevents for your own protection, the abuse of an unknown email addresses. „Password“ : This one should absolutely make a note to future access to his own legend to have dance profile. „birth“  and  „your sex“  are self-explanatory .  Finally, we need your confirmation by a tick in the checkbox that her our  terms and conditions / privacy statement  have read.  According click on the  REGISTER button  you get within five minutes of the above mentioned  confirmation email  sent. 

In the second visit of  one must not register again, but are instead on the home page in the upper right corner just his nick name and password. If you also still the same the checkbox for „Remember me“ activated by a click, then even this is no longer necessary when the next visit of Then just press the LOG IN button – and you’re done. Incidentally, you can also find your Dream Dance account synchronize with your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace profile. lot of fun in the new DREAM DANCE community! We look forward to seeing you! your DREAM DANCE team